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As healthcare professionals we understand the enormous pressure to drastically improve outcomes with less resources.

Providing End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Services

We know how challenging it is to navigate the healthcare revenue maze. With payments often coming from different sources and insurers, staying on top of all the necessary processes can be challenging. So, as much as you may want to focus on improving the quality of your patient care, you also need to think about the changing regulations when handling medical bills.

We understand this problem all too well—and that’s why we’re here to assist you. Global Healthcare Management provides end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) services to help you manage your revenue collection efforts while maintaining high standards of patient care.

RCM Services

With our automation technologies and technical expertise, we can get your revenue cycle back on track to improve operational efficiency and financial performance. Specifically, our RCM services include the following:


Our team works with reliable Coding and Transcription companies to ensure that we input the correct information on patient diagnosis, procedures, and medical services. By partnering with a reputable company, we can guarantee compliance with medical coding standards to increase your claim success rate.

Claim Submission

We will promptly help you prepare and submit electronic claims to insurance companies and government agencies. Before submission, we do front-check edits to double-check the accuracy and consistency of all information.

Accounts Receivable(A/R) Management

We maintain and monitor A/R payments related to each account to ensure that you receive all payments on time. We will also follow up with payers to support strong collection efforts if needed.

Denial and Appeals Management

When claims are denied, we will assist you through the process. After identifying the cause of the rejection, we will submit first and second-level appeals to advocate for the payment you deserve.

Payment Collection

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After collecting payments, we process and deposit them into your account.

Record Collections

We will retain all relevant documents and records throughout the period deemed necessary by federal and state law regulations.

Beyond all these

Global Healthcare Management will also respond to payment-related inquiries from patients or insurance companies to take the work off your shoulders.

Why Choose Global Healthcare Management?

At Global Healthcare Management, we are committed to helping our clients maximize their revenue cycle efficiency without compromising patient care. Over the years, we have continuously improved our processes to provide the best performance standards—whether in billing, coding, accounts receivables, or others.

Rest assured, we have a strong understanding of the healthcare industry and the relevant laws and regulations to comply with for payments. With our trained team to help you with every step, you can ultimately maintain healthy cash flows, reduce the likelihood of denied claims, and stay on top of payments.

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