Payroll Services

Keep your employees satisfied by paying them the right amount at the right time.
We take away the stress and hassle of the payroll process by taking over the work for you. This way, you can keep your finance and accounting responsibilities at ease.

Providing End-to-End Assistance with Payroll Management

Payroll management is one of the essential procedures in any business, yet it is also time-consuming and complex. Beyond computing salaries, you also need to manage your employees' financial records. So if these routine tasks are taking too much of your time, which can be better spent on other operations, Global Healthcare Management is here to help you out. We provide end-to-end services to help you handle all the crucial details related to your payroll.

We offer a wide range of payroll processing services to ensure you compensate your workers correctly and on time. These include the following:

  • Calculating paychecks per employee
  • Creating individual payroll statements
  • Processing payroll transactions online or via phone and fax
  • Preparing withholding tax payments
  • Providing payroll statements and checks enclosed in envelopes
  • Recording a list of deposit transaction reports
  • Reporting payroll tax to federal and local government agencies

Check out what specific tasks we can assist you with below.

Payroll Services

By choosing Global Healthcare Management as your payroll outsourcing partner, we can guarantee that your employees are always paid correctly and on time. 

Timesheet Management

One critical step in the payroll process is managing each employee's timesheet. Our team will help you keep track of these records to ensure that you pay your employees according to their work for a specific period.

- Calculating regular and overtime work hours
- Managing timesheet information
- Tracking employee schedule
- Administering paid time off (PTO)
- Managing employee utilization

Benefit Plans Management

If you want to build a robust benefits plan for your employees, let us know so we can discuss the details. Our team can help you set up an attractive package with health insurance, 401k, workers’ compensation, and many others.

- Managing vacation pay and sick leaves
- Managing 401(k) plans, medical insurance plans, and employee profile reports
- Monthly reporting
- Coordinating annual open enrollment
- Coordinating with brokers
- Communicating and negotiating with vendors
- Consulting with employees

Why Choose Global Healthcare Management?

By choosing Global Healthcare Management as your payroll outsourcing partner, we can guarantee that your employees are always paid correctly and on time. We know how hectic managing payroll, employee timesheets, and benefits packages can be. We remove the stress and hassle of these processes by taking over the work.

With our payroll services, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Save time to focus on core operations
  • Ensure compliance with tax and payment regulations
  • Maintain confidentiality with payroll processes
  • Accurate and high-quality payment processing
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Payroll Made Easy with Our Reliable Services

Managing your workers' payroll does not have to be complicated. Here at Global Healthcare Management , we aim to take the workload off your shoulders by handling all the critical processes. With our advanced systems and expert team, you can be assured that we use the highest standards for your payroll needs. Call us today at for more details.

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