Claim Management

Your Trusted Medical Billing and Collection Specialists.
Medical billing and collection need not be stressful or time-consuming. With Global Healthcare Management by your side, we can guarantee easy, simple, and streamlined processes to help you manage your revenue cycle more effectively.

Reduce AR days and volume while improving your clean claims rate

At Global Healthcare Management , we aim to help you process claims and collect revenues quickly to maintain a healthy cash flow. We provide comprehensive medical billing and collection services to assist you in every step, from claim submission to payment collection.

We understand this problem all too well—and that’s why we’re here to assist you. Global Healthcare Management provides end-to-end claim management services to help you manage your revenue cycle more effectively.

Claim Management

Here's what our specialists can do for you:

Claims Preparation and Submission

We prepare and submit physical and electronic claims to insurance providers and government agencies on your behalf. The process starts by reviewing patient information and treatment records to determine eligibility. Once we have confirmed this, we then file claims with the proper billing formats required by your payers and monitor each of their statuses.

Claim Submission

We will promptly help you prepare and submit electronic claims to insurance companies and government agencies. Before submission, we do front-check edits to double-check the accuracy and consistency of all information.

Coding and Transcription

Our team works with credible Coding and Transcription companies to translate rendered medical services into billable codes in your claims. Proper coding is essential to maintaining a smooth payment flow, but it can be tricky to understand all the rules and technical guidelines. We will assist you in this process to ensure you comply with coding protocols and prevent denials from payers.

Revenue Cycle Management

We have specialized software designed to optimize the revenue cycle management process (RCM). This way, you can focus on treating your patients and providing high-quality patient care while maximizing your claim reimbursement and increasing revenues.

Why Choose Global Healthcare Management?

At Global Healthcare Management, clients are our number one priority. We understand the importance of managing finances and growing revenues to sustain your healthcare operations. Thus, we have you covered with our end-to-end medical billing and collection services. By trusting us to be your partner, we can promise you the following:

  • Timely submission of claims
  • Compliance with billing guidelines from insurance companies and government agencies
  • Secure records and documentation as required by federal and state regulations
  • Assistance with day-to-day inquiries from patients and payers
  • Diligent monitoring of payment status for claims
  • Quick collection and processing of payment for your account
  • Advanced software to simplify the revenue cycle

Beyond all these, we have an expert team to perform all these processes with proper caution and diligence. For example, we know how important it is to fill out insurance claims correctly the first time, so we meticulously check all forms before submitting them to prevent delays or denials.

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Boost Financial and Operational Efficiency With Our Claim Management Solution Today

Ultimately, we empower our clients to focus on what they do best: helping and treating patients. While this is happening, we work on the backend to ensure that you receive proper payment for your services and keep your bottom line healthy.

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