Comply with employment laws and prevent legal liabilies with our risk mitigation solutions.
We have a wide range of HR risk and compliance services designed to safeguard your business and help you stay on track with employment rules and regulations.

Risk Mitigation Solutions for HR and Payroll Compliance

Global Healthcare Management understands the challenges of staying on top of HR and payroll compliance, especially with complex legislation. However, failure to comply with the proper laws can lead to employer liabilities and legal issues, so we are here to prevent such concerns from arising.

We understand this problem all too well—and that’s why we’re here to assist you. Global Healthcare Management provides end-to-end risk mitigation services to help you manage your HR and payroll more effectively.  

Risk Mitigation Services

With our automation technologies and technical expertise, we can get your risk mitigation on track to improve operational efficiency and performance. 

Workers’ Compensation

We will assist you in finding sufficient workers’ compensation insurance to provide adequate coverage for your employees. We also handle audits, manage claims, and work with you to enhance workplace safety and prevent on-site accidents.


Managing unemployment claims can be tricky, so we can help you track, assess, and resolve such claims. We also conduct audits on unemployment state tax accounts to ensure accuracy and file appeals if we spot errors in any claim.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Support

We know how difficult it is to understand the nuances of the ACA, so we provide adequate support to ensure you stay compliant. In addition, our team will assist you in getting adequate medical coverage and abiding by minimum requirements for employee health benefits.

Labor Law Compliance

We help businesses stay compliant with labor laws, such as fair wages, employee benefits, workplace safety guidelines, and others. Rest assured, our team stays updated with changes in federal or state laws, so you can trust us to help you maintain compliance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Dealing with employment-related claims can be time-consuming and expensive. Thus, we help protect your business through EPLI, which provides coverage for concerns like wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and others.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Compliance

We know that managing leaves of absence for your employees can be challenging, so we remove the uncertainty for you. Our team will help you verify eligibility, approve leaves, and monitor timelines to ensure your workers return to work on time.

Why Choose Global Healthcare Management?

Employment rules and regulations constantly change, making it challenging to keep up with the legal landscape. Thus, here at Global Healthcare Management , we aim to help businesses navigate these rules to stay compliant. So, by trusting us with your HR and payroll processes, we can promise you the following:

  • Reliable and efficient services
  • Knowledge of employment laws
  • Professional team of HR experts
  • Advanced tools and solutions
  • Comprehensive HR assistance

Ultimately, with our full range of risk mitigation solutions, you can have a committed HR team and gain back time to focus on other parts of your business. Rest assured, we aim to provide 100% client satisfaction at all times, so we go above and beyond to offer you the guidance and support you need.

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Mitigating HR risks and complying with relevant laws does not have to be complicated. Global Healthcare Management is here to protect your business from liabilities and potential legal issues. Call us today at to get started.

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