Surgery Center Management

Managing Healthcare Systems and Achieving Goals for More Than 20 years
We provide hands-on assistance and support, so you can fully grasp surgery center management to a T.

Surgery Center Management is no easy feat.

It is a complex process involving different components. It requires thorough research, effective planning, and proper implementation of day-to-day operations - something we have been doing for and with our partners for over three decades.

Through our management system, focusing on the four cornerstones of surgery center management, countless healthcare centers now enjoy smoother operations and excellent and safe patient care, where sustainable and lasting revenue follows.

Although the cornerstones of surgery center management are no secret, our professional team is adept at handling patient and clinical care, managed care, business systems, and risk management leading to the success of your surgery center management plans.

Surgery Center Management

We are experts in providing extensive and customized surgery center management plans. As a result, and with a holistic goal in mind, we produce 100% effective and exceptional patient care, stable growth, and improved long-term profitability.

Medicare and JCAHO Accreditation

The Joint Commission is designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an approved accreditor for agencies seeking Medicare certification.

Equipment, Supplies, GPO Purchasing

Our database of GPOs and regional purchasing coalitions enables our clients to make sense of healthcare purchasing and identify key decision makers.

Practice Management Software Training and Implementation

Implementing a practice management software is a big undertaking. Our experience will give you a unique insight into how to streamline the process.

Physician Recruitment

We identify unique talent communities and help deliver the healthcare professionals you need.

ASC Strategic Planning and Marketing Plans

We will outline your organization’s progress to date, the current market landscape including competitors, strategic priorities for the future, and plans for addressing challenges and opportunities.

Assistance in Obtaining and Maintaining State and Federal Licenses, Certifications, and Accreditations

We will help ensure compliance with state licensing laws and federal certification regulations for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and help in the certification of facilities to receive Medicare and Medi-Cal reimbursements.

Why Choose Global Healthcare Management?

We will provide you with a strategic plan showing inefficiency, risks, and the best practices to run an surgery center management successfully. This process will help you fully understand the ways of overall surgery center management, leading to effective planning and implementation.

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